Room rental

Reception venue

Ideally located between Saintes and Rochefort, the Reception Room can accommodate up to 150 people for your events such as weddings, birthday parties or family get togethers. In a setting of green and rural charm, its large terrace and its outdoor area by the river are ideal for a wine of honor or a civil ceremony. Accommodation in our 6 cottages on site is possible up to 63 guests, for a weekend. Bookings open from January 2018



People (seated)

Le Moulin du Champ - Picto - Réception, fête


Reception Venue

Le Moulin du Champ - Picto - Parc, Jardin


Outdoor ceremonial space

Le Moulin du Champ - Picto - Terrasse


Large terrace

Le Moulin du Champ - Picto - Cuisine


Culinary preparation room

Le Moulin du Champ - Picto - Parking



Private parking spaces

Spaces and capacity


The reception room with an area of ​​200m² can accommodate up to 150 people seated and up to 200 standing. Outside, a large terrace and an island surrounded by the river are connected by a wooden bridge, these will be the ideal spot for a fantasy wedding, a cocktail or simply to enjoy the surrounding nature.

Housing Service


The rental of one or more gites and the privatization of the estate can be done in addition to the rental of the seminar room. Our 6 cottages can sleep up to 63 guests for a weekend.

Other services


Playground, sandpit, ping-pong table, many activities are possible to entertain you before, during and after the party. All of these facilities are located in an enclosed and secure area for children. The pool is open the day after the party, subject to the rental of one or more gites.


Monday to Thursday Week-end
Half day Day Evening
Room rental 80€ 120€ 180€ From 750€ (Please ask for quote)